The Blog

This blog was created with two purposes:

  1. to give readers the tools and info they need to be a world-class leader, and
  2. to chip away at gender inequality in the workplace, and the world.

The idea developed after attending numerous academic conferences, and being frustrated that brilliant findings that could change the way we succeed at work, were not making their way to the actual people who could benefit from them.

Now that I have left academia (and have some more time on my hands), I hope to post new (and hopefully interesting) blog posts at least every two weeks.

Thanks for stopping by!


The Author

I (Amy) hold a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Queen’s University in Canada, and currently live in Toronto.

I earned a Bachelor of Commerce, and after working for such companies as Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey & Company, I realized the true power of focusing on the human capital of companies – so I returned to school to pursue further education.  During my PhD, I delved deep in many areas of organizational behavior, including leadership, workplace stress, employee well-being, and performance.  I also worked on numerous empirical research articles, and taught undergraduate and MBA students.

Now, I’m excited to share my knowledge with all of you!  I’d also love to hear from anyone who stops by, and would like any of your feedback and suggestions to improve this space.

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